The construction of a high fence can be done in many different ways. Here at The Southern Land Brokers we have used just about every way possible. It is totally up to the buyer’s preference. We have constructed fences using all galvanized post; we have also used all treated wood round post. Another avenue that has seemed to be a cheaper route for some customers is to use drill stem pope for their line post. There are many different ways to run the post, but a high tensel 8-foot wire is highly recommended for the wire. We also install roadways, drainage popes and water gaps for these enclosures. The Southern Land Brokers can also provide breeding pens and breeding facilities for whitetail deer. We can also provide an type of deer to meet your needs, as far as breed goes, shooter bucks and yearlings. For any information or quotes please contact Trey Harrell (334_ 534-0179